It's as simple as asking 'What If?'

​​​​When you learn how to correctly asking 'What If?' you're able to create a spark that can help you to Get UP and Get Your Shine.

Here are the 4 rules of the Imagination Method™

1) Vision must be clarified in the heart

The heart provides us with more than pumping blood through our body: it’s where our feelings can be used to declutter our mind; it’s where we can find the essence of meaning; and it can help us access more positive living. When we use our feelings to help guide our vision we’re not beholden to small ideas, but rather open ourselves up to an infinite number of ways to reach our goal.

2) Influence happens through intentions

Being intentional begins with knowing your intentions. When you understand what those are, you can determine how to use them to influence the success of the goal you seek.

3) Use exceptional experiences to shift perspective

Too often we want to jump to doing something before we understand what we’re really trying to do and how we’ll do it. When we take time to understand our 'what' and 'how,' then we’re able to create experiences that are more meaningful and provide a positive impact.

4) Resiliency will keep opening new doors

The best way to not reach your goal is to give up. Imagining success and meeting every obstacle as a propeller towards your goal instead of moving you away from it will help you find flow.