AJ Sarcione is a communications and marketing executive who is the creator of the Imagination Method™, a tool to help people and organizations transform using untapped imagination. As a certified-trainer and facilitator, he focuses on vision development, employee experience and engagement, culture development and activation, internal communications and leadership development. He provides strategic consulting, leadership coaching, and facilitates workshops and speaking engagements internationally. Some of the clients he has worked with include: Nike, ClifBar, LinkedIn, Northwestern Mutual, Verizon, Square, Univision, MRC, agency partners and others.

Previously he was at Verizon and Yahoo, as head of mojo & employee experience and head of internal marketing. His career as a communications and marketing executive has focused on internal and executive communications, internal brand and marketing, corporate communications, consumer marketing and consumer communications, corporate social responsibility and talent development. He has built and led global teams and has traveled and worked in more than 13 countries to drive employee experience and culture activation.

Instagram: @ajsarcione Linked In: /ajsarcione