Ep. 115 Get Your Shine: Reignite Your Spark with AJ Sarcione

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Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast today is AJ Sarcione, an international motivational speaker, shine development coach, author, and the creator of the personality quiz The Shine Scale™.

As the founder of Get Your Shine, his belief is, “it takes simply one spark to ignite your path to success.” He works with people and companies to advance careers, advance teams and advance lives. AJ built his career in branding and communications, working closely with C-suite execs from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups. Prior to his work with Get Your Shine, he is credited with establishing and leading internal marketing at Yahoo, and following the company's acquisition from Verizon, he was the head of mojo.

In this week’s episode AJ and I chat about:

  • Sparks and how we can ignite our spark and reignite our shine

  • AJ shares his steps to Get Your Shine and the Get Your Shine Awards, a campaign to inspire peer-to-peer recognition. Focused on positivity, the awards are a free tool that allow everyone to “shine” when someone digitally sends one of six different awards to a person they wish to recognize.

  • The gift of unintentional perfection, and the beauty of what we dream and wish for showing up in unexpected ways

  • Why this time is the perfect opportunity to cultivate greater emotional intelligence and the power and beauty of words

  • AJ’s incredible moment with Whitney Houston, and so much more!

I really love this conversation with AJ and connecting with him. The joy is so real in this episode, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Mercury was 100% in retrograde during this podcast recording (sigh) and while AJ sounds fantastic, my microphone was not on. In almost 4 years of doing the podcast this has never ever happened! So consider this your warning that I sound a little funky…but the conversation is 💯.

I’m so excited to share this week’s new episode with AJ, and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

When you lead in this way, when you lead in a way where you’re in the moment, you’re doing the best that you can do, you’re being empathetic, you have compassion at the forefront of who you are, you start to receive awesomeness in life.

AJ Sarcione brings infectious energy to connect passion with performance using his proprietary tool, The Shine Scale™.

AJ unlocks creativity and drive, stimulating leaders of all levels to increase engagement and accelerate success. He helps people reimagine the possibility of breaking down barriers and reconnect the importance of building relationships. With his tool the Shine Scale™, people uncover opportunities to increase their shine through heart and mind characteristics that when activated create sparks.

To put it simply, he helps people smile. He helps leaders be better leaders, companies activate great cultures, and people live their best lives. How does he do this? Through sparking intentional communication.

The spark is something that continues to pop up in my life when I see someone smile, and smile so big. It brings me such joy, and as we know, sometimes we can smile with tears, we can smile with exuberance, smiles come in so many different ways. When I see that happen in people, it just ignites everything inside of who I am.

A world-traveled motivational speaker and brand & communications executive, AJ built his career working for various Fortune 500 companies, startups and top leaders. His experience includes a diverse background from the entertainment world, working with 20th Century Fox, MTV, Bravo, and various celebrities, to agency life with Ogilvy, and from start ups to big tech, which includes Yahoo and its acquisition by Verizon. An idea generator, he has been in communications across corporate, executive and consumer, and established an internal marketing function, building a team that drove employee experience.

When you build deeper relationships and you’re more empathetic with people, it does a lot for you too. I have this concept of building others builds you. When you really put your energy into someone else, the amount that you get back yourself is unbelievable.

Created by AJ in 2020, Get Your Shine is a motivational movement, meant to make people smile, companies shine, and help people realize it ‘takes simply one spark to ignite your path to success.’

There’s no doubt 2020 was a difficult year, filled with loss, hardship, and isolation. But through it all, we’ve seen so many people find opportunities in these challenges brought on by the pandemic. As AJ shares, he wanted to find a way to recognize those who made a difference by meeting challenges with positivity and creating sparks.

To help us acknowledge these people in our lives, AJ has launched the Get Your Shine Awards, a campaign to inspire peer-to-peer recognition. Focused on positivity, the awards are a free tool that allow everyone to “shine” when someone digitally sends one of six different awards to a person they wish to recognize.

The award categories include parents working from home, frontline and essential workers, virtual teachers, and even “anti-Karens” all dedicated to those who rise above difficult situations. There are also categories that allow you to be creative and recognize someone in a unique way. The awards launched November 30th and will continue through the end of February, with a virtual ceremony hosted in March 2021.

To connect with AJ and learn more visit his website https://getyourshineawards.com/ and https://getyourshine.com/ and on Instagram @AJSarcione Facebook @AJSarcione and visit https://shinestuff.getyourshine.com/ to check out their swag, books, and Shine Dice™