Understanding Shine and How It's Created

The power of possibility is within each of us. Some call it an ability to dream. Others say it’s a focus of drive. Optimism is at the base of what we can be. When we doubt and allow insecurities and fear to take over, we underperform. Maybe you were a child whose parents never lifted you up. A teacher might have broke you down and another never helped you realize your potential. The friends you had may have impacted the opportunity you were given and you chose the wrong path.

Can you sing? If you said yes, I want to hear it. And I bet you can be better. If you said no, you’re a liar. You aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to make the universal language of music. You might not be Whitney Houston (if you know me, or learn more about me, you’ll understand this reference) but you have control of your voice. You have control of the tone you can create. You are in control.

The work I’m building with shine is based on a look back of my experience. Successful experiences from myself and those around me. My hope is to share the things I’ve been given and have realized, but remain focused on a journey to be better. If I can help others accelerate success, I’ll be damn proud. I’m not really concerned with those who think they’re better. I’m no better than anyone. This is me and I’m awesome. And there are people out there, many of you most likely, who are just as awesome and I want to learn from you and borrow what I can, so we all can grow.

My work is the result of sleepless nights and working odd hours to make the lives of those I’ve been fortunate to work for and learn from, better. It’s the joy of experience not many people can say they’ve ever had. The nurture I received from my parents is unique, as is all of yours. I happen to have struck gold.

As you power through posts on GetYourShine.com, hopefully you’ll feel ignited. And hopefully you’ll grab a copy of SPARK: Unlock & Unblock Your Shine Potential so you can go a bit deeper into lessons that create sparks. Those sparks create shine. Or maybe you’ll reach out so we can do some work together. If you do, you’ll be that much better. Not because you might drastically change right away. But because you will have broadened. And if you’re open to it, you’ll keep expanding. This work, and the time I look forward to sharing with anyone who comes along for the ride will ignite the belief that truly anything is possible. You must believe to achieve.

Am I some overly positive joker who doesn’t realize life is hard and bullshit come is all shapes and smells. Absolutely not. I’m real. With myself before I even am with anyone else. But I’ve learned, you can always change the narrative. You write your story until you let someone else does it for you. So, if you feel like you’ve lost the pen and the experiences you’re living in aren’t what you envisioned, take that damn thing back. Grab the opportunity of your future, focus on it, write it. See yourself where you want to be, and let it go. Let go of the worrying about how it will happen. Vision is one of the most important principles I believe in. If you don’t have one yet, you will. If you do, I expect it to grow.

Shine is about you. It’s about two important parts of who you are – your heart and your mind. Some of you are likely stronger in one over the other. Maybe you are balanced, but are you using them both to the full potential. When you you do, you achieve one of life’s greatest faculties – the ability to shine. When you shine, wonderful things happen around you. It’s what I like to think is a state of unintentional perfection.

So, are you ready to make some sparks? Well, you find this post and have made it this far, so I sure hope so.

I’ll give you this, if you have taken the The Shine Scale™ and you join me on this journey, and you feel like the initial flicker the work is creating for you starts to dim, do me a favor. Take a break. But commit to relighting it. Commit to seeing the commitment through. Think of it like testing out a mattress you buy that says it has a money back guarantee. The likelihood of you not liking that new mattress that is meant to bring you comfort is slim. Maybe you’re a horrible sleeper and you need a body pillow, someone to hold you tight and a sound machine to relax your mind. But that mattress, it was made well. It was made to better your sleep. And you’re likely not going to go back to the crappy springy one that caused you back aches before. So, if this does nothing more than move you to a more cushiony slab of foam that lets you make it through a nights sleep, well, then at least you have that. And we’ll find the body pillow, the spooner and sound machine you need to push you further.

This is a journey. One that needs to start now. So buck up, sit back, take this in, and I look forward to you finding the next version of you.